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Our Story

Brand’s Mission

Create a movement, showcasing the power of likeminded individuals coming together with “One Mindset”, “One Goal”, and “One Outcome” to create something great while empowering others to act.

Brand’s Story

LaCru was inspired by a group of individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences who begin to connect and hang out. As the group started organizing outings, traveling together, and creating memories, they began to see themselves empowered as a unit. It was Brandon, a member of the group, that first referred to the group as “The Crew”. It was a statement that implied the recognition that the friendship had come to represent. It was in that moment Robert, another member of the group, came up with the slogan, “Everybody Has One”; A statement that rings true. Regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, or race, everyone wants to belong to something they feel a sense of connection, authenticity, and empowerment to build as one.

Brand’s Concept and Mantra

Robert and Brandon decided this was a strong opportunity to market this concept with hope to inspire people to unify and build collectively. The brand’s motto, “Everybody Has One” is powerful because it represents the power of strength in numbers when a crew moves as one exemplifying Family, Loyalty, and Trust.

There is always a visionary who becomes the face of a business, but means nothing if there is not a collective of individuals (“crew”) to help bring that vision to fruition. This is the idea behind the message that LACRU want to spread; the power of a crew moving together as a unit with “One Mindset”, “One Goal”, “One Outcome” bound by its pillars, “Family”, “Loyalty”, and “Trust”.

Think about Rich Paul (Klutch Sports), Kevin Hart (Hartbeat Production), Ava DuVernay (ARRAY), Milan Harris (Milano Di Rouge), and Trey Brown (Spergo). Each of these individuals had a vision to impact, transcend, and place their footprint within their industry. Keep in mind, no single person can achieve success along without a “crew”; Everybody Has One 😊.  

Brand’s Logo Insight

La ("The") Cru ("Crew") was created based on the concept that everybody has one, "A Crew". A tight inner circle where everyone shares the same aspiration to become successful as a unit.  

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