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Our Story

Brand’s Story

LACRU (The Crew) - A Powerhouse of Friendship and Purpose


It all started with a group of individuals from different backgrounds who connected and began spending time together. As they organized outings, traveled together and made memories, they grew stronger as a unit. One member, Brandon, referred to the group as "The Crew," signifying the powerful bond they had formed. Another member, Robert, came up with the slogan "Everybody Has One," a simple statement that echoes we all have a group of people that we consider family and friends.


Today, LACRU (The Crew) is a close-knit group of friends who operate with a clear and cohesive mindset. They are fueled by passion, empowered by friendship, and believe in the unstoppable power of a crew with a purpose. They are committed to sticking together through thick and thin, bound by their shared experiences.


The truth is, no one can achieve success alone. We all need the support, encouragement, and backing of our friends, network, crew, or circle. LACRU embodies this strength of unity and friendship, and they channel it into their fashionable clothing designs that tell stories. They hope to inspire you to define your own crew and its purpose.



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