Meet the Crew

Rob (co-founder)

Brandon (co-founder)

Our Story

Brand’s Mission

Our mission is to empower people to define their circle, unite, and elevate. And we want to do it together. So, join us as we build a community of likeminded individuals who share our passion for growing together. We, at LACRU, believes in three pillars, “Family, Loyalty, & Trust"

Brand’s Concept and Mantra

LACRU clothing brand is committed to offer quality clothes and timeless designs with an unmatched comfort and fit to inspire your crew, circle, clique, squad, etc. through fashion.

Everybody Has One! We believe everyone has a crew. 

Brand’s Story

Inspired by a group of individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences who begin to connect and hang out. As the group started organizing outings, traveling together, and creating memories, they began to see themselves empowered as a unit. It was Brandon, a member of the group, that first referred to the group as “The Crew”. It was a statement that implied the recognition that the friendship had come to represent. It was in that moment Robert, another member of the group, came up with the slogan, “Everybody Has One”; A statement that rings true.

A diverse collective that operates as one unit with a clear and cohesive mindset, the LACRU team is a tightknit posse fueled by passion, empowered by fellowship and embedded in a community of camaraderie. Sticking together in solidarity through tough times and good times, we are brethren bound to one another by shared experiences paved by the varied contrasts of individual perspectives.

We know all too well no single person can achieve (and maintain) success without the support, encouragement and advocacy of his or her entourage. Everybody has one. It’s your circle of friends, your clique, your network, your crew that keeps you humble, honest, focused and true.

Consisting of creative collaborators inspired by the strengths of unity, our brigade of brothers comes together to create fashionable clothing designs that tell stories. Brandon and Robert invite you to discover, define and declare the scope of your squad with unique street apparel by LACRU.